one /wʌn/ number; a single person or individual

woman /ˈwʊmən/ noun; a soft-hearted rebel with a little l’air de panache

collective /kəˈlɛktɪv/ noun; a cooperative enterprise

One woman collective is an ostentatious brand inspired by the complex nature of identities, the fascination with tactility and the force of aesthetics.

The collective's belief is that design is not just a visual thing. It's a thought process that flourishes from the vision of a client. That's why a project always starts with empathizing with you, trying to unravel your company's personality. Focusing on the glorification of emotions and the importance of human touch. The collective relies on the imaginative process to translate this knowledge into narrative designs with an elegant tone.

The one woman behind the collective is a fool who dreams. But yet has the perseverance to make ideas come to reality. Not afraid to flaunt in the unknow. She acts with courage in her heart, kindness in her voice and passion in her soul. Firmly believing that every individual is made of an own kind of fairy dust. This motivates her to join forces with creatives with a similar mindset.

One woman collective is a paradoxical movement that will ultimately bring soul to your project.

For the love of branding, interiors and graphic design.